Ryken’s Phelan McDermid Syndrome Foundation Fundraiser


On December 14th 2019 I am doing a 12 hour team mountain bike race in the McDowell Mountains. I am going to do one of the 16.5 mile laps while towing my 6 year old son Ryken. He loves going on mountain bike rides. Ryken has a rare genetic disorder called Phelan McDermid Syndrome, there are about 1400 reported cases in the world. https://www.pmsf.org/about_pms/

My plan was to donate 100% of the funds to the PMSF.org foundation which conducts research into this rare condition. But we recently started researching therapy dogs for Ryken because he does so well around dogs. A fully trained therapy dog costs $24,000-$32,000 and to make it more complicated I am allergic to dogs so we need to find one who is hypoallergenic. We have found a dog from a local breeder and placed a deposit on it.

My current plan is to start with this hypoallergenic pure breed dog and pay for several training courses out of pocket rather than trying to come up with $24,000 all at once. All remaining money from the fundraiser after paying for the dog and some training will go directly to the Phelan McDermid Syndrome Foundation. https://www.pmsf.org/research/

The event:

How to Donate:
Paypal: trelken@gmail.com (please send as a friend/family payment so they don’t take a cut)
Zelle, Cash App, Venmo: 602-550-5171 or trelken@gmail.com
Paypal messenger: Trent Kendall

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