Ryken’s Adventures!

This section chronicles the adventures of Ryken, my special boy who was born in 2013 with a rare genetic condition called Phelan McDermid Syndrome.  Ryken does not speak but he gets excited when we do anything that involves g-forces, adrenaline, motorsports, etc.

I bought a Weehoo trailer to tow Ryken on mountain bike rides because he was getting too big to carry on my back in the backpack carrier.  He enjoys going on any kind of ride and we ride a lot of rough dirt trails in Phoenix.  He is pretty quiet and content on the rides but the minute we hit a drop he laughs and laughs.  If we go down a longer downhill section he really cracks up.  Its almost like he is bored until it gets a little dangerous.  We have raced together twice and we hope to continue racing in the future although the 45 pound trailer and 55 pound Ryken is getting a bit heavy for human power alone so we are looking for a good pedal assist electric mountain bike.

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For 2021 we are hoping to race the WORCS series, they have an e-bike category and they have confirmed that Ryken can compete in his trailer. Our sponsorship racing resume is linked here:

Ryken and Trent Racing Resume (pdf)
Ryken and Trent Racing Resume (word)



Dawn to Dusk 2021 towing Ryken for PMSF

Dec 13, 2021

As a fund raiser for the Phelan McDermid Syndrome I towed Ryken during the 12 hour McDowell Mountain Dawn to Dusk race.  It is a 17 mile loop with 850 feet of elevation gain.  Now that is he 8 and over 55 pounds it is a serious challenge to tow him.  He still loves getting […]

Wickenburg Tour De Ranch 2020, Towing Ryken this year

Nov 12, 2020

Last year I won an awesome belt buckle by coming in first in the Intermediate class.  This year the organizers created an all new course which was longer.  I wanted to race with my son Ryken so we entered the Expert class so I could do 2 laps, one towing him and one solo.  The […]

Added suspension to Ryken’s WeeHoo kids trailer

Apr 20, 2020

Ryken’s trailer broke on a ride recently, it had about 250 miles on it, most of them on dirt trails.  It appears that the weld on this main bar didn’t penetrate fully.  I don’t blame them, they have always been helpful.   The trails near me can be rough so we took this opportunity to slap […]

2019 Dawn to Dusk Ryken Fundraiser race results

Dec 16, 2019

  The goal of my entry into this year’s 12 hour race was to raise money for a therapy dog for my son Ryken and to raise awareness about his rare genetic disorder by donating some of the money to the Phelan McDermid Syndrome Foundation.  I would do one of the 17 mile laps towing […]

Ryken’s PMSF Fundraiser

Nov 29, 2019

Ryken’s Phelan McDermid Syndrome Foundation Fundraiser   On December 14th 2019 I am doing a 12 hour team mountain bike race in the McDowell Mountains. I am going to do one of the 16.5 mile laps while towing my 6 year old son Ryken. He loves going on mountain bike rides. Ryken has a rare […]